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Be it a press conference, a trade show, an industry jamboree or a road show, corporate videos are one of the most popular modes of capturing interest in a company. A highly popular PR tool, corporate videos quickly present an overview of a company’s success record, its product base, its infrastructure, people, et al.

How can a corporate video be used to build tighter PR?
The goals and policies of a company are typically exposed and distributed to the public through effective public- relation building campaigns.

At the core of any successful public relation (PR) campaign is effective communication. Be it a large company, a non profit organization, a government institution, educational or health institution, or any other organization that deals with the public in a significant way - they all need to build strong public relation to create and maintain a positive image in the marketplace.

In fact, the growth, degree of success, reputation in a market and even the survival of any corporation depends largely on how far it is able to garner public support and appreciation towards its activities, policies and successes.

But with the advent of digital media, corporate video production has also undergone extensive change, taking on new technologies, multimedia applications and web exposure, to become a powerful tool for companies to enhance their public image.

What is a corporate video?
Corporate videos are digital files that contain images in motion to explain goals and objectives of companies and highlight the key players. They are tools for providing a valuable glimpse of a company’s infrastructure and resources, present its selection of products and services, show its successes and allow the audience to get a snapshot of the company’s activities and prospects.

A strategically produced corporate video adds polish to a company’s corporate image and leave lasting impressions in the minds of viewers.

However, corporate video productions are not an afternoon’s affair. They need a high degree of technological expertise and creative experience to organize available information, develop an interesting storyboard, add images, effects, sound, etc and coordinate all the components into a convincing story.

Corporate video as a PR tool:
Some of the most common applications of corporate video in public relation are:

Video News Release (VNR):
VNRs are the video version of press releases. A 90 seconds video can be created for distribution to television channels for airing in news programs. When created thoughtfully, it is difficult for viewers to differentiate them from original news stories.

They are designed with the help of paid actors who perform as news correspondents or often in the form of experts interviewed by anchors. This creates a sense of authenticity in the minds of viewers and help in leveraging the image of a company.

Corporate presentations:
If you have a long product line or when you need an array of promotional material to showcase all your products and services, creating a video file is a valuable approach. A short but content rich and organized video presentation to clients can save much time and effort. The impact of video has a lot to do with the reality that people are now only to happy to be informed through a degree of “entertainment”.

Trade shows:
Plasma TVs constantly displaying videos has become a common sight in any trade shows. But the key to successfully captivating the looks of visitors, is the use of dynamic and relevant messages, conveying pictures with informative titles and music.

The use of voice-over in trade shows video can only be done in the “quiet” floor areas. Large crowds and ambient noises will prevent an audience hearing the message. In such cases, it’s better to frame videos with the help of attractive titles and images and let the pictures “do the talking”.

Special Events:
Video is a powerful tool to begin an award ceremony, a conference or a corporate roadshow. A strategically conceived video can set the mood for an audience and make the event more of an experience through the combined audio-visual impact.

In summary:
Corporate videos are indeed an effective PR tool to create a positive image for your company but like any other message carrying vehicle, the success of your corporate video depends largely on its content. When opting for a corporate video production, always ensure you are getting it done from one of the expert corporate video production companies. The public now take for granted, the high standard of video professionalism on TV and anything less, will not pass.

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